Sat., 10:39 pm: Popular chef returns to annual cooking school

COMING SUNDAY: It’s time to start thinking of cool days and comfort foods and the Tribune Chronicle has it covered. Popular chef Eric Villegas returns this year as the annual Taste of Home cooking school gets fired up at Packard Music Hall.

Tickets go on sale Monday for the Oct. 7 event and everyone participating will go home with ideas to create simple, flavorful meals like those introduced at the show. Drawings for door prizes, free goodie bags, local specialty vendors, and a chance to win a recliner and another premium prize are all part of the evening.

Villegas, of Williamston, Mich., will host the local cooking school for the second year.

“The Tribune is pleased to welcome chef Villegas back to the show. Last year, the audience really enjoyed his upbeat personality and had a lot of fun,” Shafer said. “He will cook 10 recipes from the provided cookbook so people can follow along.”

Read the details in the Sunday Tribune Chronicle