Wed., 11:42 pm: UPDATE7 Police say Warren homeowner shot, killed intruder

WARREN — A Warren teen is dead and the search continued for a second person after a homeowner fired shots at two people attempting to break into his house Wednesday on Brier Street S.E., police said.

Kyran Adkins, 17, 2456 Milton St., Warren, died at St. Joseph Health Center from gunshot wounds, a police report states.

The only description they had of the second person was of his clothing, but officers found the clothes discarded in the wooded area, the report states.

Police said Wednesday afternoon that they believed the homeowner, Gregory Emerson, 32, was trying to defend himself. Police plan to question him some more, but they did not expect to file any immediate charges against him, according to Warren police Capt. Robert Massucci, who was at the 2248 Brier St. S.E. scene.

Emerson told police he was inside when he heard a banging noise at the rear of the house. As he went to investigate, the noises continued. After the third time, Emerson said he went to the door with his gun in hand.

When he opened the door, a male wearing a red jacket with a gray hood stood there with a gun in his hand. Emerson said he was startled once he saw the gun, so he fired, the police report states.

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