Tue., 2:50 pm: United decides against Youngstown-Warren Regional

VIENNA — A local initiative to work with United Airlines to begin daily air service at the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport has hit some turbulence.

Officials at the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport said they received word on Monday that United has concluded that “there is not a solid business case” for starting daily air service at the local airport.

The airline citing its first quarter 2014 net loss of $489 million, several failing air service start-ups, crew shortages and other contributing circumstances as factors in its decision not to support any immediate plans to initiate United Connection daily service at the local airport.

“As with all communities, we will continue to analyze and maintain the possibility for future service if demand for air travel makes a solid business case for annual profits and network benefits,” United stated.

Dan Dickten, executive director of aviation at Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport, said the news is disappointing but it will not stop local efforts to seek pledges for the effort.

“We’ll continue trying to get airlines in here,” he said. “All we’re asking for at this point are pledges not for any money up front.”