Wed., 4pm: Second man sentenced in Dukes murder

WARREN — A Detroit man who struck a deal earlier to testify against another man who used a modified assault rifle to gun down Marco Dukes of Warren in 2012 was sentenced Wednesday to 10 years behind bars.

“I’m sorry to the court, the citizens of Warren and to the family of Marco Dukes for being part of the situation,” said 27-year-old Dale Hatch. “I’m sorry I didn’t stop it. I could have.”

Hatch’s attorney John Juhasz said everyone involved in the shooting knew each other. “It started with someone trying to get their belongings. It escalated. My client’s remorse is genuine.”

Hatch and Derrick Peete, 23, also of Detroit, were both charged in the Dukes’ murder during what police said was a major gun battle involving the illegal drug trade in downtown Warren Nov. 11, 2012.