Wed., 8:50 pm: ‘Happy Days’ actors coming for Town Hall

WARREN Potsie and Ralph Malph will open next season’s Trumbull Town Hall lecture series.

The upcoming season, without specific dates, was announced today at Packard Music Hall before a lecture by humorist and author Gina Barreca.

Anson Williams and Don Most played Potsie and Ralph, respectively, on the popular ABC sitcom “Happy Days,” which ran for 11 seasons from 1974-1984. They will speak in September.

Former White House chef Roland Mesnier will make his third Trumbull Town Hall appearance in November. The first speaker of 2015 will be former FBI profiler and hostage negotiator Clinton R. Van Zandt.

The final lecture in April 2015 will feature Tom Santopietro, author of such books as “Sinatra in Hollywood,” “Considering Doris Day” and “The Importance of Being Barbra.”

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