Wed., 11:29 pm: Mother responds to media reports about son’s alleged drug use


WARREN The mother of a city paralegal charged last week with felony drug possession says that her son has been caught in a “political crossfire” and that an inaccurate portrayal of the 33-year-old has been painted.

Her younger son, Christopher, suffered from an opiate addiction until his death on April 24, 2007. The Canfield woman penned the book “Lost No More,” which is described on her website as “A Mother’s Spiritual Journey Through Her Son’s Addiction.”

“I am now watching my surviving son, Jason, suffer from an opiate addiction,” she wrote to the Tribune Chronicle. “Like his brother, he too has come close to death, but is working hard today to change that course.

“I cannot believe what a fiasco the media has made of this very painful and personal issue that occurred on Dec. 23, 2013.”

Jason Burns of Boardman was arraigned on felony drug possession charges on Feb. 25 from an incident Dec. 23 at the city law department. Jason Burns resigned on Monday, saying he has been clean since he hit rock bottom on Dec. 23.

Read his mother’s story in the Thursday Tribune Chronicle.