Tue., 11:19 pm: Warren paralegal facing drug possession charges resigns


WARREN Commending city law directors and the mayor for believing in him despite his troubled past, a former paralegal charged last week with felony drug possession has resigned amid speculation that he received preferential treatment.

Jason R. Burns, 33, of Boardman, on Monday submitted his resignation letter to Brian Massucci, the head of the city’s Human Resources Department.

The move eliminated the need for a disciplinary hearing scheduled this week that could have resulted in his termination.

Burns had been on unpaid leave since police were called to the city Law Department Dec. 23 to escort him home at the request of his boss, Warren Law Director Greg Hicks.

In his letter, Burns wrote of Hicks, “Greg gave me an opportunity, supported me and believed in me, when many of you at the city did not, and for that I will forever be grateful.”

He lauded Traci Timko Rose, assistant city prosecutor, stating that she was in his corner “through thick and thin.”

“However, she was also the one who, when I messed up, needed to hand down the consequences and preached accountability,” he states.

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