Sun., 9:48 pm: Warren Township police search for suspect in sibling squabble

WARREN TOWNSHIP — A domestic squabble between a brother and sister escalated quickly on Saturday night and caused some confusion for police.

Warren City police were called to a disturbance at 655 Bane St., but couldn’t find anything, according to Warren Township police Chief Don Bishop.

Then at 8:14 p.m., township police were called to a home at 662 Oak St., where a man said he had been stabbed on Bane Street.

Cortez Boston, 40, told police that he had been fighting with his sister, 33-year-old Ebony Boston, with whom he lives at the Oak Street address. The siblings were pushing and shoving each other, police reports said, when she ran into the kitchen and grabbed two steak knives.

Reports show Cortez Boston, 40, had at least three stab wounds and defensive wounds as well as cuts and scrapes to his hands. He was taken to Trumbull Memorial Hospital for treatment. The home had blood everywhere, Bishop said the report read. Police reports were unclear how the victim ended up on Oak Street.

Ebony Boston is on the run, Bishop said on Sunday evening. Police said they are meeting with the prosecutor’s office today to proceed with felonious assault, and possibly domestic violence, charges against the woman.