Sun., 9:04 pm: Family of MIA soldier finally gets closure


WARREN The vivid memory of a faint knock at the door still haunts the days and nights of a city family, but after 63 years of searching, answers are finally being revealed.

Initially declared missing in action and thought to be deceased, Warren native Pfc. James Thomas Roy “Jimmy” Holmes was recently identified through the help of DNA evidence and the diligent spirit of those he left behind.

North Korea had excavated on the site of a Korean War era concentration camp and sent the U.S. military about 400 boxes of remains from soldiers lost in the conflict.

According to the report issued by the Armed Forces Medical Examiner’s Office, among the shattered bones and fragments, a right radius was found matching the provided DNA.

His sister, Elaine Bryant, said, “They never forgot about us and kept looking. I’m thankful for Jimmy finally coming home.”

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