Sun., 6:45 pm: Power restored after explosions in Vienna

VIENNA Power has been restored to about 3,000 customers who lost it early this morning when transformers blew along Sodom Hutchings Road at Pin Oak Drive, just south of state Route 82.

A utility pole caught fire around midnight during a windy snowfall, according to reports. About 1 a.m., reported hearing four loud explosions when electrical transformers blew, and the lights went out.

Residents were told to stay inside since live wires were down, former township trustee Mark Finamore said. Power was reported out in Vienna, Liberty and Brookfield.

Firefighters had a difficult time reaching the fires at first, but everything was under control and power was starting to go back up around 2 a.m., according to a 911 Dispatch Center supervisor. Power for most customers was restored early this morning, but for a few, it took until early this afternoon.

The cause of the original fire was to be determined.