Sat., 9:02 pm: North Jackson kids learn with iPads

NORTH JACKSON — Area kindergartners have a new way to learn their ABCs and 123s — with the help of computer tablets.

Thanks to a Race to the Top grant combined with other district funds, the students in Sue Pozy’s kindergarten class at Jackson-Milton Elementary School get daily hands-on experience with iPads in a new way to supplement learning.

Getting a taste of technology that is both fun and informative, the students can use the devices to add, subtract, write words and even browse the web.

“It’s a fun, interactive tool for the kids, and each of them have their own so it works out very well. I can plug my iPad into the computer and put it up on the smart board; they can follow along with what I’m doing, which is very neat, too,” Pozy said.

Pozy said the devices are a great way for the students to write new words because they can change the color of the text and background, which are fun ways to write. There are also numerous apps, or applications, that not only support the common core but also keep the students engaged.

Pozy said because no child learns the same way (some are visual, some are auditory and others are tactile), the tablets are great for teaching because they involve all three styles of learning.

But don’t throw out the No. 2 pencil just yet.

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