Sat., 10:03 pm: Warren PD ‘forced’ to change

WARREN — It’s that split-second decision in which a police officer contemplates deploying the K9, using the stun gun, pulling the trigger or using another type of “force.”

Local police officers agreed it’s not a scenario they want to face, but one they can expect with the job.

“It’s always the best policy that if I don’t have to use force then I don’t,” said Warren police Lt. Jeff Cole. “But there are times it’s not a choice. It’s part of the job and because of that it’s something we have to address.”

Warren Police Department policy states that “force may be in the form of physical contact, use of less-lethal weapons or the use of deadly force.” City officials said they realize that when many people hear the term “use of force,” any of those scenarios can come to mind.

But in Warren, use of force has taken on a broader meaning.

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