Thu., 11:46am: Trumbull men indicted in soldier-ATM kidnapping

WARREN — Two men accused of forcibly taking a local soldier to two ATMs, forcing him to withdraw $520, were indicted in a special report of the grand jury this morning.

The suspects, Daniel D. Boone Jr., 24, of Addison Drive in Brookfield, and Juan D. Jordan, 23, of Roberts Ave., Warren, each were indicted on felony level charges of Kidnapping and robbery.

Similar charges in Warren Municipal Court were dismissed after the victim, William J. Hollis, 29, recanted portions of the story he had told police investigators.

Hollis told police he rolled his window down to see what they wanted and was pulled from his car and held at gunpoint. Hollis said the men told him to get into the passenger seat of his car and ultimately forced him to withdraw money from two ATMs in Niles, where he withdrew $120 from one machine and $400 from the other. He told police the gunmen repeatedly threatened to kill him and told him they would “set him up.”

They then headed to the Huntington ATM on Main Avenue S.W., where Hollis said he was able to jump out of the car when the gunmen were arguing over the ATM machine and went to the nearby Burger King for help.