Sun., 10:45 pm: Ohio exploring new options for scarce road salt

The next few days of winter weather may continue to try Trumbull County residents — three to five inches of snow are anticipated in the first half of the week and departments are still short on road salt. Compounding the problem, a warming trend predicted for later in the week will be melting snow and is expected to produce flooding, according to the National Weather Service.

The first hurdle to pass will be the shortage in road salt. The Ohio Department of Transportation had hoped to replenish supplies of the snow-melting mix, but its bid for 150,000 tons didn’t see any takers over the past week and expired on Friday.

Most of Trumbull County is covered by the Engineer’s Office since it opted in to a partnership program. Highway Superintendent Gregg Alberini Sr. said at the beginning of the month that their supplies were holding steady and he expected to make it through the rest of the winter season without issue.

Areas that decided to buy salt independently, particularly Cortland and Lordstown, were struggling at the start of the month, before the last large winter storm dropped on the Valley. Cortland’s strategy was to concentrate salt use on only the main arteries of the city, while Lordstown was holding out for another shipment to arrive.

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