Wed. 9:57 pm: Brookfield residents raise concerns over drilling


BROOKFIELD The proposed plan to drill and operate a saltwater injection well in Brookfield sparked a lively debate tonight as the township board of trustees held an educational meeting regarding the project.

In December of last year, American Energy Inc., a small, Cortland-based company, filed an application with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources seeking permission to drill the deep well, which would be used to permanently dispose of brine and other oilfield waste generated in the natural gas and oil drilling industry.

The property in question is a leased five-acre plot of land near the intersection of McMullen Street and state Route 7.

Robert G. Barnett, president of the company, spoke to the nearly 50 citizens gathered in attendance for close to an hour, explaining the process and how it will impact the community.

“The reason we picked this area is because is it not a very populous area,” Barnett said. “There are not a lot of houses around and there’s really nothing up there. That was one of the main reasons we looked at this property.”

Barnett’s assessment of the property faced strong opposition from some in attendance, including many who voiced opposition to the proposed well’s proximity to Brookfield High School, a roughly half a mile away.

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