Tue, 11:45 am: Rep. Ryan urging House action on jobless benefit extension

With Democrats in the U.S. Senate clearing an early legislative hurdle today to extend long-term jobless benefits for more than 1 million Americans, U.S. Rep. Timothy J. Ryan is pressuring Republican leadership in the House to consider similar legislation.

Congressional inaction, said Ryan, a Democrat from Howland, is “nothing short than turning our backs” on Ohio families and millions of others across the United States.

Ryan said public comments from lawmakers on a legislation approving an extension in the House don’t leave him optimistic, which left him and Ohio AFL-CIO president Tim Burga to hold a media conference call today to try urge GOP House leadership to consider an extension.

Today’s 60-37 vote in the Senate was to limit debate on the legislation. About a half-dozen Republicans sided with Democrats, however, Senate Republicans served notice they would attempt to change the measure so the $6.4 billion cost would not add to deficits.

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