Thu., 1:23pm: Schiavoni advocates for voter education

COLUMBUS — The top Democrat in the Ohio Senate says he supports letting Ohioans register to vote online, but it can only be helpful if the citizens can access and know how to use the technology.

Minority leader Joe Schiavoni said online registration would “enhance” the voting process.

Republicans, however, seem less enthusiastic.

Senate president Keith Faber, a Republican from Celina, said his caucus has a number of issues with the proposal, and that it’s premature to say now where he stands on the proposal.

There are two bills in the Senate that include provisions for online voting, but whether they’ll see the light of day is unknown.

It’s an issue that House Speaker, Republican William Batchelder, expects to be addressed by his caucus as soon as next week. Like Faber, Batchelder did not provide a glimpse of his position on the issue.

Democrat Tracy Heard, House minority leader, however, said “injecting” this type of technology into the voting process would let boards of elections in Ohio keep voter registrations current and lessen the risk of a provisional ballot not being counted.

The legislative leaders spoke Thursday morning at a political and legislative preview put on by the Ohio Associated Press.