Mon., 10:47am: ODNR releases 2012 production for shale wells

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management, released the production figures for Utica shale wells for Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2012.

It is the first yearly report on the wells which list the location, owner name, amount of oil by barrels, gas, by millions of cubic feet, brine by barrels and the number of days the well produced. Statewide, there were 85 wells. Of these 63 were commercial producing wells with 53 owned by Chesapeake Energy Corp. The statewide figures represent total production days at 7,672.

The information is available on the Ohio Department of Natural Resources website at:

The oil and gas division said of the 85 wells, 63 were commercial producing wells, 19 were tested and shut-in and three were dry and abandoned.

“None of the wells were produced for the entire year,” the state agency said, adding that oil and brine are reported in barrels (42 U.S. gallons) and gas is reported in MCF (1,000 cubic feet).

Chesapeake Energy had the most producing wells. Carroll County, the top producing county, had 39 of the 53 owned by the company. Columbiana County had five producing wells all owned by Chesapeake Energy, with three in West Township, and one each in Knox and Hanover townships.

Total oil production from Columbiana County’s five wells over 2012 was 24,085 barrels, total gas production was 132,599 MCF and brine produced was 35,914.73 barrels.

The wells in Columbiana County were in production for a total of 282 days.

The two top producers in Columbiana County were the Ayrview Acres well in West Township which produced 9,101.63 barrels of oil and 40,663 MCF of gas in 32 days and the Sanor Farms well in Knox Township which produced 8,832.99 barrels of oil and 54,730 mfc of gas during 204 days of operation.

In Mahoning County, one Chesapeake well in Milton Township produced 816.87 barrels of oil, no gas and 2,799 barrels of brine and the well was producing for 36 days.

No producing wells were reported from Trumbull County.

ODNR said that of the 19 wells that have not been placed into commercial production, 17 did report incidental volumes of crude oil and natural gas that were recovered during flowback of hydraulic fracturing fluids.

It also noted that the column labeling the number of days reflects the actual number of days a well produced.

“This does not necessarily indicate consecutive days of production,” ODNR said, adding, “further, it is very unlikely that the wells are being produced at anything near full capacity. Wells produced at high initial rates have the potential of being permanently damaged.”