Thu 6:15pm: Old friends pull pranks as The Game approaches

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Friends face-off in OSU-UM prank wars


Tribune Chronicle

WARREN When Manny Brown awakened early on a cold November day four years ago, the 32-year-old Warren resident noticed an odd tinge of blue reflecting off of his front lawn and through his bedroom window.

“I said, ‘Why the heck is the water department getting this close to the house,'” Brown recalled, initially believing the paint marked water lines below the ground.

However, as he walked outside to inspect further, the picture narrowed into focus.

A nighttime visitor had painted a large block “M” in Brown’s front yard with maize and blue spray paint, with the phrase “Go Blue” scrolled underneath it.

Considering Brown, a big Ohio State fan, was leaving for the annual college football rivalry hours later, the message was clear.

The plot thickened when he began trying to answer the question of who was responsible.

“I had no idea who it was,” he laughed. “One of my other good friends is a Michigan fan and he’s a painter for a living, so he was the first person I thought of.”

But while driving to Columbus, the answer began revealing itself via cryptic text messages.

“First, I got a picture of a blue paint can,” Brown said. “Then, the yellow can.”

Finally, the mastermind decided to step forward.

Sean Tryan, a friend and lifelong Michigan supporter, was the culprit.

“I give him kudos, because he painted it in the rain,” Brown said. “And, it wasn’t until the spring when I could get it completely out.”


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