Sat 10:15pm: Trumbull County budget hearings to begin Monday

Coming Sunday…


WARREN Sales tax revenue is stagnant. Casino tax revenues aren’t as high as officials hoped and thought. And other sources of revenue are down.

Combined, this equals Trumbull County spending about the same in 2014 as it did this year to run the government.

It’s enough to keep everyone working and maintain services, but not without the possibility of having to again dip into a revenue source that so far has been partly used on capital improvements.

Budget hearings, when county commissioners listen to reasons why department budgets should be expanded, will be Monday and Tuesday, but most departments won’t be getting the increase they seek.

Requests for about $48 million have been made. Auditor Adrian Biviano said the spending plan will be more around $43 million and “maybe” with emphasis — $44 million. This year’s budget is about $43 million.


Read the breakdown of tax collections, the schedule of hearings and more details in the Sunday Tribune Chronicle.