Thu 2:55pm: City to reopen golf course

WARREN — The Old Avalon Course is expected to reopen for the 2014 golf season, according to city officials.

The city has reached an agreement with Larry Petrozzi of Columbiana County, who is an accountant by trade.

“The process was pretty thorough because this is not an operation that anyone can just come in and take over,” Safety Service Director Enzo Cantalamessa said this afternoon. “There are particular skills required to come in and operate a golf course.”

The city was concerned that the organization that was given the management agreement would have the financial wherewithall to operate the golf course because in this part of the country golf is a seasonal business.

The city maintained the course during the course of the 2013 season in spite of the fact there was no golf this season.

“We are still putting the final touches on the final framework of the agreement,” Cantalamessa said. “There is consideration being giving to the outlay of capital that any investor would have had to put into for the outlay of equipment and capital.”