Tue, 12:43pm: Warren officer Nites wins job back

WARREN — Fired police Sgt. Manny Nites will be reinstated into his job after an arbitrator ruling against the city indicated that the city did not prove the long time officer lied about participating in a fantasy football pool while on duty.

Nites was fired in December 2012 for, according to the city, lying about his participation in an Aug. 27, 2012, fantasy football at Officer Pat Hollihan’s home.

While the arbitrator ruling agreed that Nites was at the fantasy football party, he ruled that evidence showed that Nites did not participate in picking any players for his fantasy team during the 2-1/2 hours that he was there so his statement he did not participate was truthful.

Safety Service Director Enzo Cantalamessa said while the city may disagree with aspects of the arbitrator’s ruling it will reinstate Nites.

Cantalamessa said bringing back Nites will force the city to demote one of the sergeants recently promoted.

The city will not have to pay Nites back pay for the time he was off the city’s payroll.