Thu., 2:31 pm: UPDATE Ryan supports Anti-ballistic missile launch site for Trumbull County

NEWTON FALLS — U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Niles, announced his support Camp Ravenna Joint Military Training Center along the board of Trumbull and Portage counties to house an anti-ballistic missile launch site.

“This would be a great opportunity for Camp Ravenna and the State of Ohio to benefit from Department of Defense investments, leading to increased employment in both the construction phase and sustaining operational employment,” Ryan said. “While no final decision will be made for some time, I am pleased that we are one of the sites being considered.”

The Department of Defense is considering Camp Ravenna and four other locations being considered for the Ground-based Midcourse Interceptor East Coast site. The other possible sites are Vermont’s Camp Ethan Allen; NAS Portsmouth SERE Training Area, Maine; Fort Custer CTC, Mich. and Fort Drum, N.Y.

No decision has been made to deploy the system, but the Pentagon is required to conduct a study of possible East Coast locations. Part of that study will be to identify the possible locations that would be looked at more.