Sun. 8pm: ‘Frosty’ vet helped during Battle of the Bulge

CORTLAND – When you shake hands with Jim Shaffer, there’s sort of a frosty grip to the welcome he gives.

The handshake is a strong one and the kind that allows him to skillfully hang on to any golf club in his bag and strike the ball down the middle of the fairway, often times scoring better than men half his age.

“Do you feel that though? A lot of people I meet tell me it’s cold to the touch,” Shaffer said, stretching his fingers and explaining that the frostbite he suffered in his hands and feet 70 years ago is the only lasting effect of his time fighting in the Ardennes Forest.

“Guess what they gave us for the frostbite: a double shot of scotch whisky in the morning and another one at night,” he said, describing bullets whizzing by his head so close you could hear them.

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