Sat 7:44pm: A mother’s nightmare

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YOUNGSTOWN Lisa Frye moved her trembling hand from the wound in her throat to her thigh and back again as she recounted what happened the night she was attacked in her Southington home.

Frye said that when she went to bed June 22, she had it all: the man she loved, her home, her belongings and her son.

“Nothing seemed out of the ordinary that day. I thought everything was fine. I thought it was like any other night. Obviously it wasn’t,” she said.

She said the most difficult part of the healing process is the fact that it was her 29-year-old son, Thomas J. Starr, who tore her world apart.

Starr is awaiting trial in the stabbing death of 53-year-old Jeffrey Westfall, with whom Frye shared a home for 24 years. He also is accused of stabbing his mother multiple times.

In July, Starr’s attorneys, Matt Pentz and David Rouzzo, filed a motion to have a mental health expert test his competency. Last week the attorneys declined to comment on specifics of the case, but said they are waiting on the results of an mental evaluation by a state psychologist.

Starr, who has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, is being held at the Trumbull County Jail in lieu of $1 million bond.

Frye talks of her ordeal and trying to put life back in order in Sunday’s Tribune Chronicle.