Fri., 11:07am: Affectionate hit-skip motorist sought in Howland

HOWLAND — Police here were looking for an affectionate hit-skip motorist, who rear-ended a Fowler Township woman Thursday night before apologizing profusely and offering a hug before taking off.

“I told her to be careful and get back in her car or she might get hit by a car herself. While I called 911, she drove off,” said Heather Broda, 33, of Bushnell-Campbell Road, who suffered a lumbar sprain

Broda and her 12-year-old son, Devon Pierce, 12, were taken to St. Joseph Health Center, where her son was treated for a back injury and a concussion. He was off school Friday and missing the chance to play in an upcoming football game.

Broda was southbound on Niles-Cortland Road and struck from behind by a dark, small, vehicle, possibly a Honda that was driven by what appeared to be a teenaged girl.

“She was probably a student and might have been wearing a school shirt or sweatshirt,” Broda said.

“She simply came up and said `Oh my God! I’m so sorry. Can I give you a hug?’ ” Broda said. “Then she was gone.”