Wed. 2:32pm: Youngstown man found guilty in murder case

JEFFERSON – A jury in Ashtabula has found a Youngstown man guilty on two of three charges in a 1997 murder case.

John Drummond Jr., 36, of Youngstown, was charged in connection with the 1997 shooting of Ronald “Maceo” Hull in Ashtabula.

Today was the jurors’ third day of deliberations as they considered two counts of aggravated murder and kidnapping charged against Drummond.

The trial began Thursday in Ashtabula County Common Pleas Court. Prosecutors said Drummond believed Hull stole $10,000 from a friend. Hull was beaten, pistol-whipped and shot four times.

Four others – George Church, Jawann Evans, Eric Weaver and Stephen Boles – were all charged with kidnapping and murder in January. The murder charges were dropped in exchange for testifying against Drummond. All four pleaded guilty to kidnapping.