Fri 11:19pm: UPDATE 2 Teen wounded by gunshot at party

WARREN – An unidentified female was wounded about 9:15 p.m. Friday in Perkins Park during a birthday party. The extent of her injuries had not be released.

Capt. Robert Massucci said that although there were several witnesses and adults around, they all said they didn’t see a gun being pulled out on anyone, but only heard a shot being fired.

As of late Friday, police had suspect and no gun, he said. Whether the shooting was accidental or intentional also remains unknown, he said.

Several witnesses were taken back to the police station for additional questioning, Massucci said.

Police originally were called out for a shooting victim behind the gazebo at the park. A few minutes later, as a medical crew tended to the victim, police taped off a pavilion adorned with minimal birthday decorations, and held witnesses, mostly teenagers, in a second pavilion to give statements to police.

A person not part of the group of rounded-up witness claimed that one teen was showing off a gun when it accidentally fired.