Tue 9:57pm: Report shows struggle of area dairy industry

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There are 49 dairy farms remaining in Trumbull County that comprise an industry worth between $12 million and $15 million, according to the latest study. The local dairy industry has seen better days, says David Marrison, Ohio State University Extension Extension educator.

The biggest problem is available land. “Land is not available because of a strong crop industry,” Marrison said. “Corn and soybeans are the leading agriculture industry of Trumbull County.”

Garry Kibler, 58, who owns a large farm off of Highland Avenue, in Lordstown, concurs. “We’re stuck in an area where it is hard to expand.”

On his Lordstown farm there are about 700 cows, 300 of which are milked daily. Every other day his farm sends about 48,000 pounds of milk to a processor where it is homogenized and prepared for sale.

Besides the room for all the barns and the milking parlor, on the rest of Kibler’s 700 acres he grows corn and alfalfa hay — some of which goes toward feeding the cows though he said he doesn’t have enough room to grow all the feed for them.

Read more about the area dairy industry on Wednesday.