Tue 9:40pm: City considers tougher scrapping rules

WARREN — Looking to sell scrap metals?

Scrappers might have to wait to receive pay for items sold to yards within city limits, according to a proposal to be discussed Wednesday evening by the City Council during a legislative meeting.

Councilman Eddie Colbert, D-7th Ward, is looking to toughen city scrap regulations requiring scrap yards to wait 24 to 48 hours before paying for metals. The plan is to give officials time to determine if the scrap was obtained legally.

“The idea is to allow officials to make sure the scrapper has the proper permit that would give him access to scrap materials,” Colbert said.

Mitigating the financial reward to those that are stealing copper and other metals is the goal of the legislation.

The need for new regulations has increased over they years as people have entered homes and businesses to steal copper pipes, electric wiring and other metal pieces.

“We are not only losing individual houses, but thieves are devastating entire neighborhoods,” Colbert said. “As long as there is a possibility of a financial reward, thieves will continue stripping them.”

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