Tue., 10:04am: UPDATE Niles firefighters return to East Park Avenue

NILES — Firefighters went back to the scene of early morning blazes about 9:30 a.m. when smoke was noticed in the 300 block of East Park Avenue where two vacant homes and a vacant church were on fire about 2 a.m.

According to reports, a wood-frame house at 320 East Park and in between the two structures was fully involved when firefighters arrived. That house was described as the origin and a total loss, with only torched debris left in the basement. Firefighters said no utilities were working in the building where the blaze started.

The blaze spread through a basement window in the former church building at 326 East Park and interior wood supports caught fire. That fire was contained and firefighters were still trying to determine the owner of the property, where a fire had been reported a few years earlier.

Damage to the third structure — a house at 316 East Park — was confined to the roof and was described as minimal.

Firefighters were investigating the cause of the blaze and working to come up with an estimate of the damage.