Fri. 12:07pm: Rescued boaters ID’d

WARREN – The men local emergency crews were called to rescue after their boat started to sink in Thursday’s flooding waters have been identified as Eric Lowenkamp of Leavittsburg and Herbert Holliday of Warren.

Emergency crews used the Trumbull County hovercraft to rescue the men, who were clinging to a tree as fast-moving flood currents of the Mahoning River behind Packard Park overflowed around them Thursday night.

After being rescued the men were wrapped in blankets and taken for medical checkups.

Warren and Bazetta fire crews were called out about 8:15 p.m. on a report of a man in a kayak caught in a tree and debris in the overflowing river at the southwest section of the park. Later reports stated it was two men in a boat who clung to the tree after their craft began to sink.

More than 40 people watched from the hill behind Packard Music Hall as safety crews first in a rescue boat, then in the Trumbull County hovercraft, made various passes in an attempt to maneuver through the fast currents to the tree. A medical helicopter flew above the park to spotlight the river for the rescue.

Much of the park was flooded from Wednesday’s storm, which made it difficult for rescuers to get close to the tree. Bystanders with binoculars watched as the fire crews try to get close.

The rescue was completed about 10:45 p.m.