Thu 12:45 pm: Two arrested in Warren raid

WARREN – Law enforcement arrested two men after raiding a house 2345 Wick Ave. S.E. this morning.

Officials from at least three agencies found heroin, guns and surveillance cameras inside the house, which was also declared a nuisance.

Convicted drug dealer Carl Foster, 57, of 2345 Wick Ave. S.E., and Antonio Stubbs, 27, were taken to the Trumbull County Jail, where they are being held on fifth-degree felony charges of possessing heroin. Officials said additional charges could be added against each of them. A woman who was at the house was not arrested. However, officials said she could also be facing charges at some point.

The raid was initiated around 7 a.m. and officials remained at the scene until close to noon.

Foster’s mother, Annie, along with Foster, is named on the nuisance complaint. She is the homeowner. Officials said the house was also raided in 2010 and has been identified by law enforcement as a drug house.