Sun. 9:39pm: Strawberry season under way

MIDDLEFIELD – Every summer, Howland resident Edna Wilfong treks across the Mahoning Valley in search of just the right batch of strawberries to make her beloved freezer jam.

“My grandkids just love it,” Wilfong said.

This year, that jam will feature ripe berries from Ridgeview Farm in Middlefield, as Wilfong and her husband, Cecil, each made their way through the rows of the leafy strawberry plant, picking their favorites.

“It’s a lot of fun now, but my back won’t be too much fun tomorrow,” Edna Wilfong chuckled.

Ridgeview began its annual “Pick Your Own” harvest on Friday, giving people access to comb through its 101-acre farm devoted to growing strawberries.

The farm, which has been in operation for 17 years, is seeing a huge amount of traffic so far this season.

“We’re usually busy, don’t get me wrong,” owner Sharon Groves said. “But this year seems over the top.”

According to Groves, initial fears that the season wouldn’t have enough rain were quickly replaced by the thought that maybe they were getting a little too much.

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