Sat. 7:20pm: River cleanup moving quickly

Private cleanup crews reported today that efforts to collect oil leaked from a malfunctioning water-oil separator at a Warren Township factory into the Mahoning River were moving quickly.

Little information was available on the amount of oil discharged and fire officials said it was still too early to guess the cost of any cleanup now being conducted exclusively by several private companies. An Ohio EPA spokesman could not be reached for comment.

Warren Township fire Chief Ken Schick however said that when the source of the spill was discovered Friday at the separator allowing the flow of oil to a stream leading to the Mahoning River, a second leak also was discovered.

“My understanding is when they found the first leak, they noticed a sheen and more oil leaking from upstream. It was coming from a drainage ditch or a pipe in the vicinity of the powerhouse at the plant,” Schick said.

He said the secondary leak was found about 7 p.m. Friday and plugged before dark.

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