Wed. 5:23pm Jurors have heroin overdose case

WARREN – Jurors will continue deliberating Thursday in the case of the Youngstown man who faces charges of involuntary manslaughter in the death of a teenage girl from Girard who died of a heroin overdose last spring.

“He put the ball in motion. He’s the reason she is dead,” said assistant county prosecutor Charles Morrow, stressing how James Patterson delivered $50 worth of heroin to the Girard apartment of co-defendant Tyler Stevens, 20. Stevens then “cooked” the white powder and injected himself and then used the same needle to inject Christine Sheesley, a Girard High School student who was celebrating her 17th birthday April 6, 2012, according to Morrow.

Morrow delivered closing arguments in the case today.

Sheesley passed out and became unresponsive for most of the night. Although she was breathing for hours, she was found dead the next morning when police were finally called.

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