Wed. 3:30pm: Ohio lawmakers shield liquor deal money from audit

COLUMBUS (AP) – State representatives are moving to shield proceeds of JobsOhio’s $1.5 billion liquor deal from public audit in a move they say clarifies the Legislature’s original intent.

Wording added to legislation today follows a high-profile faceoff between the private job-creation entity created by Gov. John Kasich and Ohio Auditor Dave Yost, a fellow Republican.

JobsOhio initially refused to produce its private financial records for Yost’s review, then in March begrudgingly submitted to a subpoena.

Yost insists he has authority to audit both JobsOhio’s public and private books.

GOP House Speaker William Batchelder had said Yost’s actions contradicted lawmakers’ intent in creating JobsOhio in 2011.

A House committee voted today to explicitly limit Yost’s authority to JobsOhio’s public funds and excluded liquor proceeds. A floor vote could come this afternoon.