Tue. 3:50pm: Old Avalon operators sue Warren

WARREN – The operators of Old Avalon Golf Course are suing the City of Warren, claiming a breach of contract and a wrongful termination of the seven-year-old contract operators had with City Hall.

Basically, the course operators are claiming that their interpretation of the agreement with the city holds the city responsible for expenses if enough revenue was not generated. And the operators say they’re owed money for capital improvements they already made.

City Law Director Greg Hicks said today that both sides had been in negotiations until those talks broke off late last week.

“They’re saying they’re owed for work they did. The city is saying you should have come to us first. We were trying to resolve the matter before any lawsuit,” Hicks said, pointing out that good faith negotiations were ongoing between the administration and attorneys for the operators. He said the city was preparing its own lawsuit to collect on money it felt the city was owed.

“I guess they’re the plaintiffs. We’ll probably counter-sue. The court will sort it out,” Hicks said.

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