Thu. 4:50pm: Northeast Ohio gas prices drop slightly

WARREN – Northeast Ohio motorists will get a slight reprieve at the pumps this week, as gas prices fell 3 cents to $3.63 per gallon, according to AAA motorists club.

National average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is $3.52 this week. That’s a penny less than one week ago, 16 cents less than one month ago and 34 cents less than one year ago.

Motorists in every state except Utah, Idaho and Wyoming are paying less at the pump than one month ago. Still those in some midwestern states have seen prices climb sharply in the last week following supply concerns from heavy rains in the region. Prices in four Great Lakes states including Ohio have seen the average price increase. The state’s average price increased 28 cents since last week.

The recent storms and power outages provided the catalyst for higher retail prices in the Midwest. Analysts warned the region was susceptible to price increases as refineries undergo maintenance and transition to summer-blend gasoline production.