Fri. 2:40pm: Police suspect burned car was arson

YOUNGSTOWN – Police are investigating a possible case of arson on Friday when a car was found burning on the city’s East Side.

Youngstown fire crews responded to the incident about 8:20 a.m. and found smoke coming from a parked Chevrolet Impala at 144 E. Midlothian Blvd.

When crews arrived, they saw a man coming from the rear of the vehicle with a bucket, reports said. The man later said he and his girlfriend were smoking a cigarette on the side of the apartment building when they noticed the smoke coming from the trunk.

The woman said she heard footsteps prior to the blaze, but did not see anyone leaving the scene. According to reports, the man said he kicked a rag out of the fill tube of the gas tank before throwing a bucket of water on the trunk to put out the flames.

The car is owned by Toni Floyd, who was reportedly awakened from bed prior to looking out the window and seeing her car on fire.

Youngstown police are investigating the cause of the fire. No one was injured and no charges have been filed.