Fri. 11:32am: Man headed to Michigan to face weapons charge

WARREN – A city man who scuffled with court security Thursday is on his way back to Michigan to face a weapons charge.

Rickey Smith, 21, 690 Woodbine Ave. S.E., was in Common Pleas Judge Ronald Rice’s courtroom for an extradition hearing when he complained the chains around his waist were too tight. Rice had a deputy check the shackles, which were found to be properly fitted.

After Smith continued to complain, Rice and assistant county prosecutor Chris Becker told deputies to remove Smith to Trumbull County Jail and bring him back on Tuesday when court opens after the Memorial Day holiday.

Deputies said they took Smith out of the courtroom and were re-securing the shackles around one of his legs when he continued to resist and was taken to the floor while one of the deputies used pepper spray on the man.

In the meantime, Smith’s younger brother, Peirre Earl, 13, 358 Voorheis St., Pontiac, Mich., rushed the courtroom door from inside the room in an attempt to help his brother. Earl reportedly either punched or elbowed Deputy Joellen Weaver on the right side of her face.

Earl was being held in the juvenile lockup, charged with obstructing justice and assault on a police officer.