Thu. 12:28pm: 74 in custody by end of Wednesday

WARREN – Of the 97 people indicted on drug and gun charges, 74 were in custody by the end of the day on Wednesday, officials confirmed.

Warren police Chief Timothy Bowers said earlier today that law enforcement was in the process of rounding up more suspects today.

“Most all of the law enforcement officers who were here yesterday were back at 8 a.m. this morning,” Bowers said.

Law enforcement is calling the sweep, dubbed “Operation: Little D-Town,” one of its biggest crime busts in local history.

“This is what we call the mop-up, the cleanup, the sweep,” Bowers said. “All of the work we’ve done in the past year, the investigation, getting the indictments, culminates in rounding these people up. That’s what Warren is seeing right now.”

Day two of “Operation: Little D-Town” got off to a running start early this morning as agents swarmed the city looking for individuals indicted on state and federal drug and gun charges.

Nineteen federal indictments were unsealed charging 55 people – including a man accused in the Nov. 11, 2012, shooting death of Marco Dukes Sr. – with various violations of federal narcotics and weapons charges in Warren and the surrounding area. At the same time, 42 people were charged in state court.

Trumbull County court and jail officials have also been busy arraigning and booking the suspects already in custody.

The indictments came after a yearlong undercover investigation that officials said targeted numerous drug-trafficking organizations in Warren, Youngstown and surrounding areas.

Officials said they are hopeful today’s roundup is as successful as Wednesday’s.

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