Thu., 10:40am: UPDATE Criminal probe underway into oilfield dumping in Lowellville

LOWELLVILLE — A criminal investigation is being conducted by several agencies after an accusation was made of illegal dumping by a company that treats soil damaged by oil.

Mike Settles, a spokesman for the Ohio EPA, confirmed that several agencies are part of the investigation against Soil Remediation Inc. on Arrel Smith Road.

A search warrant was served against the company earlier this week by members of the Northeast Ohio Environmental Crimes Task Force, which is made up of several state and federal agencies that investigate possible environmental crimes.

Settles said the current investigation is unrelated to civil violations at the company at 2008.

The current investigation was triggered by a complaint of the dumping of illegal types of solid waste and oil and gas drilling waste, Settles said.

A person answering the phone at Soil Remediation Inc. hung up when the caller identified himself as a reporter. Records list the owner of the company as David Gennaro, who is also the owner of Gennaro Pavers, which is also on Arrel Smith Road.

A person answering the phone at Gennaro Pavers said Gennaro is out of town and will not return until next week.