Mon., 12:42 p.m. – Man indicted in alleged drug conspiracy in custody

WARREN – The second of three suspects named at the top of three separate federal indictments involving alleged drug distribution conspiracies is in custody, officials confirmed.

Valentino Thomas Sr., 41, of Detroit, who is facing three counts of distributing 58 grams of heroin to undercover agents in Warren, reportedly turned himself in at the Warren Police Station this morning. He is scheduled to make an appearance in court this afternoon.

The indictment states that Thomas obtained drugs in the Detroit area and elsewhere and sold them to Anthony L. Ector, 29, of Warren, to distribute to 18 street dealers, including Thomas’ son, Valentino Thomas Jr., who sold the drugs in Warren.

Valentino Thomas Jr., 22, of Warren, was arrested last week in Warren.

Marcus Hemmingway, 36, of Warren, named in a separate indictment, was also in custody last week. However, Jamie Hancock, 27, of Dayton, at the top of a third indictment, remains at large, officials said.

Last week, law enforcement hit the streets to round up 97 people indicted on various state and federal drug and gun charges. Some of the suspects have Detroit addresses, while others have addresses in Detroit and Warren. The indictments were unsealed on Wednesday.

The sweep was dubbed “Operation: Little D-Town.”