Wed. 2:13pm: Man reports being assaulted with knife

WARREN – A 37-year-old Elm Road man told police he was assaulted with a knife while walking on on Summit Street Tuesday night.

Police said Sherman Culver suffered a deep knife wound to the back of his head, which required stitches, and several slashing knife wounds to his chest. He was treated at St. Joseph Health Center and released.

According a police report, Culver said he was assaulted by two men he did not know in front of a business at 645 Summit St. N.W. about 9:50 p.m. He said he was walking west bound on the south sidewalk on Summit Street N.W. just past the Summit Street Bridge when a black, four door Buick Regal pulled into the driveway of 645 Summit St. N.W. blocking his way. He said one man got out of the car from the driver’s side and the other exited the vehicle from the passenger door. He said one of the men started yelling at him. He said one of the men began slashing at him while moving toward him.

He told police when he turned to run he felt something strike the back of his head. He said he ran south bound to the business and heard the men enter the vehicle. He said the vehicle sped off, traveling east toward Mahoning Avenue.

Culver said he called a friend, who then took him the hospital, where police met him, according to the police report.