Wed. 2:11pm: Police shoot, kill pit bull after attack

WARREN – City police shot and killed a pit bull after the animal attacked a woman and her dog on Tuesday.

According to police, Letita Poole, 42, of Jefferson Street, said she was bitten on the right hand while attempting to pick up her dog as it was being attacked by the pit bull.

Police said when they arrived at the scene just before 7:30 p.m. they saw a man attempting to keep the pit bull from attacking him by waving a large stick at the dog.

An officer distracted the dog, diverting the animal’s attention from a group of residents gathered near the intersection of Jefferson Street S.W. and Delaware Avenue S.W., according to reports.

The officer then shot the pit bull twice with a shotgun and police disposed of the body in a city Dumpster, according to a police report.

Poole, who refused treatment at the scene, told police she would seek her own medical treatment after she took her dog to an area veterinarian.