Wed., 10:02am: UPDATE Merkel to be Warren’s next police chief

Tribune Chronicle

WARREN — Police Lt. Eric Merkel received the highest score on the police chief’s test given last week, according to the city’s Civil Service Commission.

Barring any changes based on challenges that may be accepted by the civil service commission on Tuesday, Merkel will be Warren’s next police chief.

Out of 150 possible answers on the police chief test given by Daniel Clancey and Associates, Merkel had 125 correct answers or 83.37 percent.

The three others taking the test were Martin Gargas and Robert Massucci, each of who had 74.037 percent of the correct answers, and Janice Gilmore, who had 72.036 percent of the correct answers.

Gilmore was the only Captain who took the test. All the others were lieutenants.

The officers will be able to challenge the test results at 9:30 a.m., Tuesday. Final results will not be announced until after the challenges are reviewed.

Merkel said he is excited about receiving the highest score and about the possibility of taking leadership of the department.

“I’m looking forward to working with the command staff,” Merkel said. “I would have been honored to have worked with any of the others if they would have been named the police chief.”