Tue. 6:18pm: Falls fires police chief

NEWTON FALLS – The village has fired police Chief John Kuivila.

This was a result of an investigation of Chief John Kuivila made by Village Manager Jack Haney and Law Director Joseph Fritz. The two looked into complaints made against Kuivila by a female employee at the police station.

In a hand-written note, dated Jan. 11, the woman said, “I have started feeling uncomfortable in my current work position … in the police department. When I returned from maternity leave I noticed I was getting comments made to me from the police chief John Kuivila. I felt after a period of time the comments referencing my appearance and certain body parts were becoming extremely inappropriate for him being my supervisor.”

Kuivila, in a statement to Haney earlier, said he corresponded with the woman but did not admit any wrongdoing, claiming his fifth amendment rights to not incriminate himself.

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