Thu. 1:54pm: Retired Judge John Stuard dies

WARREN – Retired Common Pleas Judge John Stuard, 73, has died.

According to people close to the situation, the Hartford resident died of an apparent heart attack this morning at an area hospital.

The longtime jurist retired from the bench at the beginning of this year.

Stuard, a Thiel College graduate with a University of Kentucky law degree, practiced law while serving as a solicitor in places like Newton Falls and even the Village of Orangeville near his home. He did criminal defense work and also worked as a prosecutor for the City of Warren.

Appointed in 1983 as the first judge at newly created Central District Court in Cortland, Stuard was later appointed in 1991 to the Common Pleas bench, where he inherited the docket of Judge Robert Nader, who had been elected to the 11th District Court of Appeals.

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