Mon., 7:36am: Chesapeake stays active in Columbiana County

LISBON – Five new drilling permit applications have been submitted and/or approved for Columbiana County over the past two weeks, all from Chesapeake Exploration.

Three of the five permits were for Franklin Township: Hruby property off Bethesda Road, Briceland Trust property off Summitville Road, and the Leona property off state Route 644.

The other permits are for the Dye property in Center Township, accessible from McAllister Road, and the Moats property off U.S. Route 30 in Hanover Township.

This brings to 60 the number of new permitted drilling sites in the county since mid 2010, although in some instances there are more than one well per site. Of the 28 wells that have been drilled, only one is currently producing.

Following is a list of drilling sites by township: Butler, 5; Center, 5; Elkrun, 7; Fairfield, 4; Franklin, 6; Hanover, 10; Knox, 4; Madison, 2; Middleton, 5; Salem, 5; Unity, 2; Washington, 2; West, 2; and Yellow Creek, 1.

The only townships without any permits are Liverpool, Perry, St. Clair and Wayne.